Europ Assistance


Main guarantees

  • emergency service, 24/7
  • reimbursement of repair costs up to €400
  • relocation and transport of residents if necessary
  • connection with our network of professionals for small interior decoration work or surveillance services


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This product sheet contains the main services and is not contractual. For details of the services, refer to the general conditions of this contract.

The benefits of this insurance in detail

The benefits of this insurance in detail

Insurance Limits House Assist
  • 24/7
  • A waiting period of 15 days applies from the effective date of the contract, except for loss of keys or confinement of a person in your home
  • 1 single intervention per year in case of malfunction of the hot water boiler
Home interventions
  • Payment for the repair, temporary repair and call out charges up to €400, including €50 for spare parts
  • Intervention within 24 hours in case of failure of heating, water heater, power failure, plumbing issues
  • Intervention as soon as possible in the event of blocked pipes and gutters, damaged windows and external doors, leaking roof
  • Cleaning after the intervention of firefighters
  • Sending a specialist to remove a wasps' or bees' nest
  • Cutting down a tree that threatens to fall on your house
Assistance to the inhabitants
  • Payment for an emergency solution or relocation of the inhabitants if the boiler, the water heater or the electrical installation cannot be temporarily repaired
  • Intervention within 2 hours in case of confinement in the house or access problems (lost or stolen keys, keys inside the house)
  • Sending a specialist to free your cat or dog in perilous situation
  • Unlocking your gate or your garage door when your car is inside. If it is not possible to release the vehicle, we provide a replacement vehicle
  • Comprehensive assistance if your home is uninhabitable following serious damage (accommodation, surveillance, replacement vehicle, transport of furniture, ...)
  • Repatriation and provision of a replacement vehicle if your home is burglarized when you are abroad
Small jobs and services
  • Placing a switch, replacing a tap, looking for a painter, a gardener... For small jobs and services at your home, we provide you with our network of tradesmen, certified by Europ Assistance
  • We take care of finding a handyman available at your convenience. He then contacts you and sets a price. The service is paid directly by you to the handyman at the price that you have agreed together
Advice service
  • Advice on administrative and legal steps related to your home (damages, relocation, purchase...)
  • Connection with a professional for an ecological, biogeological expertise of your home
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