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Code of conduct

Code of conduct

The Generali Code of Conduct was approved by the Board of Directors on December 14, 2012 and replaces the Generali Group Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees of the Generali Group, including members of the supervisory and management bodies. In addition, third parties (consultants, suppliers, agents, etc.) acting on behalf of the Group are required to adhere to the principles set out in the Code.

The Code of Conduct establishes the minimum standards of behavior to be observed and specific rules of conduct in relation to the following issues: promotion of diversity and inclusion, protection of assets and business data, conflicts of interest, anticorruption, financial information and operations insider, anti money laundering, anti terrorist financing and international sanctions.

Reporting problems and inappropriate behavior

Practices or behaviors that are considered, in good faith, to be inappropriate or contrary to the law, the Group's Code of Conduct or Rules or other internal policies (eg discrimination, harassment, intimidation, mobbing, corruption, etc.), can be reported via local channels or through the Group Head Office. In order to benefit from a quick response, we encourage you to use the local channel first.

Reports can be submitted via:

Local channels

  • by email: [] (mailto:
  • by post: Europ Assistance Belgium - Compliance Officer, Boulevard du Triomphe 172, 1160 Brussels

Group Head Office channels

  • by email: [] (mailto:
  • by mail: Group Compliance - Business Integrity - Piazza Cordusio 2, 20123 Milan, Italy.

The reports must be properly detailed in the description of the circumstances of the alleged violation. Complaints that do not contain enough details can not be taken into account.

Anonymous reports of problems are not accepted. It is imperative that complainants disclose their identity when making a report.

The reports, as well as the confidential data of both the complainants and the individuals concerned, will be treated confidentially, with the utmost discretion and in accordance with the applicable confidentiality rules.

The Group strictly prohibits retaliation against anyone who has submitted a report in good faith, regardless of who implicates the report.

Please note that these channels should not be used to submit Customer issues regarding products or services provided by Group companies. These must be communicated through specific and adapted channels in accordance with the provisions set out in the relevant contractual documentation and in compliance with local legislation.

Code of Conduct