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Main guarantees

  • breakdown service starting on your doorstep, even in case of battery failure, a flat tyre, fuel error
  • your vehicle is also covered in case of theft, vandalism or accident
  • during immobilization in Belgium: car replacement for a maximum of 5 days during the immobilization of your vehicle
  • a personalized mobility solution, adapted to your situation to continue your journey and to return to and drive in Belgium
  • vehicle assistance 24/7 in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany


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This product sheet contains the main services and is not contractual. For details of the services, refer to the general conditions of this contract.

The benefits of this insurance in detail

The benefits of this insurance in detail

Insurance Limits Drive
  • In 90% of the cases, roadside assistance within 45 minutes anywhere in Belgium
  • 24/7 vehicle assistance in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany
  • Technical issues occurring within 5 days after the effective date of the contract are not covered
Vehicle assistance
  • Breakdown and towing service for your car in Belgium, starting on your doorstep
  • Intervention in case of breakdown, accident, theft, battery failure, fuel error and flat tyre
  • Transportation of your vehicle to the garage of your choice if it cannot be repaired within two hours
Assistance to travel companions
  • Payment for the return of the occupants of the immobilized vehicle to their home.
  • Transportation of luggage and pets that accompany the occupants.
  • Replacement vehicle in Belgium in case of immobilization of your vehicle (5 days max).
  • Abroad: mobility solution adapted to the situation:
    • organization of the continuation of your journey.
    • replacement vehicle to continue the journey, travel around at the place of stay and return to Belgium (10 days max).
    • Overnight accommodation if the solution is not available the same day.
  • If your vehicle stolen abroad is found, we offer our assistance to recover it.
Help application
  • Download our application for Belgium and Europe
  • A solution for breakdown or travel assistance without having to go through an operator
  • Geolocation makes it possible to send the nearest mechanic for roadside assistance with just one click
  • Follow each step of the assistance live on the app
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