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Which travel insurance should I take out?

During the Covid-19 period, many Belgians travel by car to neighbouring countries. Do you also travel by car? Do you have a favourite destination that you return to every year? A driving holiday in Europe is always fun and is also a wise choice for those travelling with children. Do you want to make the most of your holiday? Even if this is the umpteenth time you're going on a driving holiday in Europe, it's best to be well prepared, so that you don't run into trouble, delays or problems on the way. Prevention is better than cure.

Make sure your car is technically sound before you set off and take out good insurance before you leave.

You certainly don't want your holiday to be ruined by a breakdown. A well-maintained vehicle in good condition can prevent many disasters. The golden rule is therefore to check your car thoroughly before you leave: check the tyre pressure, the coolant, the oil level, examine the wear of the tyres, etc.

Leave without worries, even during the Corona period: opt for travel insurance

At Europ Assistance, we offer a wide range of travel insurance policies, so you're sure to find one that meets your needs. With Drive breakdown assistance, for example, you are already well insured. You can choose between breakdown assistance for Belgium or Belgium and its neighbouring countries such as France and Germany.

By opting for Europ Assistance's Drive insurance, technical breakdown assistance in Belgium and neighbouring countries, you will be covered for :

  • Breakdown assistance: flat tyre, battery failure, etc.
  • Towing service
  • An unlimited number of interventions
  • A replacement vehicle if necessary

In short, by choosing this product, we guarantee you peace of mind and safety. A small car problem can immediately have serious consequences, think of a puncture or a technical breakdown. Your insurance also covers you in case of theft or vandalism.

When travelling in Europe, it is always better to take out 'assistance + car breakdown' travel insurance. At Europ Assistance, we offer you the Smart insurance with vehicle option. Not only will your car be covered, but also you in case of accident or illness. Your medical expenses abroad will be reimbursed and in case of accident or illness you and your vehicle will be repatriated if necessary. On our website you will find all practical information about this product. We will be happy to provide you with additional advice or to use the handy chat function on the site..

And don't let a car breakdown spoil your European holiday: call Europ Assistance.

With travel insurance :

  • Medical expenses abroad are covered
  • Repatriation in the event of accident or illness and of accompanying persons
  • If one of your relatives is hospitalised in Belgium or dies during your stay abroad, Europ Assistance will organise and pay for your early return.
Questions about travel and Covid-19?
Check out the detailed information on our website

Useful tips by region and country

Holidays closer together with Covid? 4 major countries, 4 travel tips

Which countries are the most popular for driving holidays in Europe? Without a doubt France, Spain and Portugal. And recently, Croatia has also entered the picture. Quite logical, as these countries are quite close and have great potential.

Drive to France!


One visit to Provence and you will lose your heart. The medieval villages, the pleasant weather, the sun and the beautiful lavender fields... Everything is beautiful in Provence. Go and discover it, go and admire the unmissable nature reserves of the Gorges du Verdon and the Camargue, and in the meantime explore a bit of the Côte d'Azur. Sun worshippers as well as nature and culture lovers will find plenty to enjoy.

Travelling to Spain?

The Spanish Pyrenees

The national parks will enchant you. This natural border between Spain and France is well worth a visit. Ravines and idyllic mountain villages will accompany you on your journey. You can go as far as the Costa Brava. Get out of your car regularly and explore the area on foot. Hikers and cyclists will find it a real paradise. Decide for yourself how touristy your holiday is by car. If you wish, you can stay away from tourists for several days!

Driving in Portugal ?

The Algarve

The Algarve is the most popular region in Portugal. Probably the most beautiful driving holiday in Europe. Along this coastal region you can enjoy beautiful beaches, lively cities etc... and all this at a very affordable price. Don't miss Praia da Marinha, the most beautiful beach in the region. Albufeira, Lagos or Faro: besides its natural beauty, the region is full of great cities where you can spend hours and days.

Travel to Croatia!

Plitvice Lakes

Croatia is booming and deserves a place on this list. The Plitvice Lakes are of particular splendour. Lakes, waterfalls and dams in combination with green nature: dazzling. There are 16 lakes and no less than 90 waterfalls. This nature park is rightly classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Planning a driving holiday in Europe? Make sure you always have quality travel insurance and breakdown assistance. You can count on Europ Assistance's travel insurance to help you in case of need in the countries mentioned above.

Want to know more about the ideal travel insurance? Discover the possibilities here!
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Do you prefer a staycation or a holiday in Belgium?

You don't want to look back too much during this difficult period of the Covid and enjoy a driving holiday in Belgium? It's perfectly possible, you have the classics like the Ardennes or the coast, you can discover so much in our country.

Hundreds of beers, art cities, the coast, forests or an abandoned castle? A short car trip in Belgium has something for everyone. From Antwerp to Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Knokke or Durbuy. But don't forget Hasselt, Leuven or Liège. Discover our country by car, leave the stress behind and enjoy these secluded places that are only a few kilometres from your door.

You want to drive through Belgium safely and without worries. Then opt for Europ Assistance's Drive breakdown service. You are covered throughout Belgium, benefit from an unrivalled breakdown service, an unlimited number of interventions and even the towing of your car if necessary. If you opt for the Plus, a replacement car is also included.

If you cross the border into one of our neighbouring countries, you can do so with the Drive.

Travelling in Europe by car? Take out your travel insurance now!
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Going on holiday with children?

Are you going on holiday by car with children? You should know that a long car journey with children can be very tiring. With these three tips you can make your holiday and your children's holiday much more enjoyable.

Travelling when the children are asleep

If you feel up to it, driving at night is an option. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and rest before you leave. Not only will you avoid the busiest times on the road, but your children will sleep. It's best to leave in the late afternoon, have a light meal on the way and let your children drift off to sleep. Your trip to Europe will be much quieter.

Games for the car

Older children are more interested in a smartphone or tablet, but younger children need entertainment when travelling in the car. Many games are perfectly suited, audio books, magnetic puzzles, exercise books...

Don't forget the return journey

The outward journey can often be planned to the last detail with stops and bathroom breaks, but don't forget the return journey. Driving holidays in Europe are a two-way street! A strenuous return journey is a hindrance to a good holiday feeling.

Will the faithful four-legged friend be there too?

Travelling with children is one thing, a dog in the car is another. However, France, Spain and yes, even Croatia are perfect for long walks with your dog. With these three tips, your dog will be fine on holiday.

Protect your dog

Ticks or sand flies are common abroad (Spain, France). Protect your pet and take the appropriate products with you. This will save you the trouble of searching for products on site or visiting a vet.

Travelling safely

Also make sure your dog can travel comfortably and safely. There are tailor-made safety belts, but a bench seat, a car basket or a transport box can also be a good solution. Of course, it is also possible to install a luggage rack in the trunk, but this obviously takes up a lot of space.

Drink breaks are important

Not only do you need breaks, but so do the dogs. Stop every 2 or 3 hours and let your dog go for a walk and drink.

A car holiday with a caravan

A trip to Europe with a mobile home or caravan? Great idea, you have your own mobile hotel on site. If you are planning to go on holiday in Europe for the first time with your caravan, here are three tips.

Choose your caravan carefully

A very large mobile home is nice, but not always practical. That nice little village in France or Spain? It's not always easy with a large caravan, certainly not without experience. So assess your needs and opt for a tailor-made mobile home.

Well insured on the road

Even with a caravan, you can have car problems or medical expenses. Good breakdown assistance and travel assistance are therefore essential. Compare travel assistance and know that at Europ Assistance we offer you a whole range of travel insurance. No doubt you too will find the right breakdown assistance and travel assistance assistance for your needs.

Enjoy your driving holiday in Europe!

We wish you lots of fun on your trip. Take a driving holiday and discover our neighbouring countries!