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Main guarantees

  • coverage up to €2,500 per person per trip
  • reimbursement of costs for modification of travel dates
  • refund of days you were not able to enjoy
  • coverage of any booking method and any type of trip (short or long term)


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This product sheet contains the main services and is not contractual. For details of the services, refer to the general conditions of this contract.

The benefits of this insurance in detail

The benefits of this insurance in detail

Insurance Limits NoGo
  • Travel for a whole year of minimum €150
  • The persons included in the contract and usually residing under the same roof are covered
  • Travel booked before subscribing NoGo and whose start date is scheduled less than 30 days after the start date of the contract, are not covered
  • Stay in Belgium covered from 3 nights
  • Epidemics and pandemics are not covered
Amounts guaranteed in case of cancellation
  • €2,500 per person per trip and up to €12,500 per trip for all insured individuals to cover the costs of cancellation, modification and compensation in case of interruption of the trip
  • €75 bonus in case of modification of the dates of stay
  • Reimbursement of the days you were not able to enjoy, the ski pass and the ski lessonsi in the event of interruption of the stay following an illness, accident, death or serious damage to the home. An additional 10% may be granted to cover other miscellaneous expenses where applicable.
Reasons for cancellation
  • Health problem: you or a relative are a victim of illness including a pre-existing illness, an accident, death, you or a relative have pregnancy complications.
  • Events upsetting your daily life:

    • economic redundancy
    • withdrawal of your holidays by your employer due to the medical incapacity of your replacement
    • a new work contract
    • a re-examination
    • a home jacking
    • major damage to your home or your vehicle
    • a de facto separation
    • delay in boarding after a breakdown or an accident
  • visa refused
  • impossibility to administer a necessary vaccine
  • being called up for jury duty
  • summons for the adoption of a child
Trips covered in case of cancellation
  • Your private trip or stay from €150, both abroad regardless of the duration, and in Belgium from 3 nights
  • All booking methods:
    • booking a ticket via internet
    • booking a home through an agency
    • car reservation by phone...
  • All tickets: plane, car, train, boat, ...
  • All accommodation types: hotels, rentals, vacation homes
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