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Europ Assistance


Main guarantees

  • contribution towards search and rescue costs in the mountains (by helicopter)
  • contribution towards ski pass fees in the event of a skiing accident
  • repatriation of the injured or ill person and insured travel companions
  • medical expenses abroad paid up to €250,000
  • extension of your stay in case your return is impossible due to bad weather
  • roadside assistance starting on your doorstep and throughout Europe, even in case of battery failure, a flat tyre, fuel error
  • repatriation of your vehicle if you are not able to drive


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This product sheet contains the main services and is not contractual. For details of the services, refer to the general conditions of this contract.

The benefits of this insurance in detail

The benefits of this insurance in detail

Insurance limits Snow with car
  • Snow activities covered on and off the ski slopes
  • All persons included in the contract are covered
  • One stay of maximum 45 days
  • Car assistance in Europe starting on your doorstep
  • Vehicle: maximum authorized weight of 3.5 tonnes
Medical assistance
  • Repatriation of the injured or ill person with an insured travel companion of their choice
  • Search and rescue costs on and off the slopes
  • Medical expenses abroad paid up to €250,000
  • Medical expenses paid in Belgium following an incident abroad up to €2,500
  • If necessary, we send a Europ Assistance doctor on site
Coverage of insured individuals travelling with you
  • We organize and pay for the return of other insured individuals
  • Return of children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren to Belgium with an accompanying person
  • Organization of the return to Belgium of pets accompanying you
Reconnection with your relatives
  • If one of your relatives in Belgium has to be hospitalized or dies, we organize and pay for your early return.
  • Transportation of a relative from Belgium to visit you if you are hospitalized abroad for a period of more than 5 days.
  • Transportation of both parents to visit a child hospitalized abroad.
Incident in your home
  • Payment for your return if your home in Belgium is seriously damaged while you are abroad
  • Assistance to relocate you and guard your home if it is uninhabitable following serious damage
  • Sending of a locksmith in case of loss of keys
Travel concerns
  • Sending basic necessities in case of loss or theft of luggage
  • Money quickly made available for assistance abroad
  • Sending glasses and essential medication that you cannot find abroad
  • Assistance in case of legal proceedings abroad
  • Assistance in case of loss or theft of travel documents and tickets abroad
  • We help you if you do not speak the language of the country
Advice service
  • We can help you organize the practical details of your trip to the snow by informing you about the routes to the ski resorts, road and traffic conditions, information on the ski resorts (pistes, prices, snow levels...), Ambulance services, rental companies for medical equipment...
Vehicle and immobilized passengers assistance
  • Breakdown and towing services for your car in Europe and Belgium, starting on your doorstep
  • Intervention in case of breakdown, accident, theft, battery failure, fuel error and flat tyre
  • Accommodation and transportation pending repairs
  • Repatriation to Belgium or payment for the continuation of your trip
  • Sending spare parts that are not available on site
  • Sending a replacement driver if the only driver is no longer able to drive following an illness or an accident
Help application
  • Download our application for Belgium and Europe
  • A solution for breakdown or travel assistance without having to go through an operator
  • Geolocation makes it possible to send the nearest mechanic for roadside assistance with just one click
  • Follow each step of the assistance live on the app
Total:{{calculated_price | fmtnumber}}