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Europ Assistance


Business Bike Assist Europe

Employees cycling with peace of mind!

Bike Business assistance is dedicated to companies whose employees travel by bike, in Europe or only in Belgium. It covers both private and professional cycling trips. The employee benefits from a replacement bicycle during the period of immobilization and repair of the bicycle.


  • all business and private travel for all employees is covered in all of Europe
  • replacement bicycle in case of immobilization and repair

The benefits of this insurance in detail

Bicycle towing
  • Breakdown assistance and towing to your place of stay, or to the authorized repairer of your choice near this place of stay.
  • Transportation of the employee, his luggage and the minor children he accompanies as the sole person in charge at that moment.
Replacement bicycle in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

If the event takes place in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the bicycle cannot be repaired within 24 hours, the employee is provided with a replacement bicycle for a maximum of 5 workdays.

Assistance in case of bicycle theft

We take care of and organize the transport of the employee and his luggage:

   to their home if the theft takes place in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or within 30 km beyond their national borders    or to their place of stay on the day of the event    or to the point of departure or arrival of the bicycle ride    or to the place, in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where the user must go, to then return to his home or place of stay on that day, provided that the event takes place in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or within a radius of 30 km beyond their national borders.

Guarding of the bicycle

When we transport the bicycle, we cover the costs to guard the bicycle from the day of the request for transportation until the day the bicycle is picked up by the carrier.

Taxi in case of emergency at home

If the employee has travelled by bicycle to his workplace in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we cover the costs for a taxi to their place of residence

   in case of hospitalization/unexpected death of a family member up to the first degree    in case of damage to the employee's home

Contact us for more information Read the general terms and conditions >

This product sheet contains the main services and is not contractual. For details of the services, refer to the general conditions of this contract.

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